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Tuesday, 23 November 2021 20:46

Kids Miracle Podcast 1.4 - What Type of Special Needs Kids Do You Serve

Written by Tomoni Martine
We want to serve, care for, and nurture a child. But we can only do so much. 

There are specific requirements before a child qualifies for Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) services. Considerations to age and medical diagnoses are the top two prerequisites. 

Today, podcast digital marketing expert Jack Hakimian of Global Presence sits down with Day Espinal of Kids Miracle Steps in the fourth episode of the first podcast to discuss the requirements needed for PPEC qualification. 

Learn more about Kids Miracle Steps’ admission process and see if your child qualifies for any of our programs. 

Tune in and listen to this podcast to know more about what we do and who we serve. 

Who do Kids Miracle Steps serve? 

“We don’t want to have limitations but insurance purposes and what PPEC has had limitations, so our main focus is the medically fragile child or the medically complex child,” Day Espinal, the Operations Director of Kids Miracle Steps, said. 

As much as possible, our centers want to be of help to every struggling child. We want to see them thrive and reach their full potential. But we take full consideration of insurance requirements and the limitations of PPEC services, which are given to medically complex and diagnosed children. 

Day discussed that she encountered situations wherein parents of autistic children want to enroll. Autism children are not typically qualified for PPEC services. Still, if a licensed physician has diagnosed them in situations like short bowel syndrome or seizures, Kids Miracle Steps can entertain these children. 

Requirements to qualify for PPEC services 

We have simplified our admission process to make it easier for the parents, children, and the administration. The method includes the following: 

  • Screening patients 
  • Requesting for medical records 
  • Evaluation of child’s conditions 
  • Filling out necessary forms 

Day personally screen the children and their parents to get to know them better. The admission process can take between two to three weeks. 

About Kids Miracle Steps 

Kids Miracle Steps is a dedicated daycare center for children with special needs in Broward County. We offer medically sensitive, medically complex, and technologically dependent pediatric services for medically sensitive people (from birth to 21 years of age). We also provide physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory treatment as needed.

When necessary, our transportation services will pick up and drop off the children. We're open six days a week, 12 hours a day. We make every effort to provide the finest possible care for the children who are reliant on us.

We’re keeping all lines open for messages. You may call us at (754) 219-9431 or visit our website www.kidsmiraclesteps.com to schedule an appointment. We also offer in-person or virtual tours. 

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