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Tuesday, 16 November 2021 15:53

Kids Miracle Podcast 1.1 - What Types Of Services Do Kids Receive

Written by Tomoni Martine
Kids Miracle Steps On-Air 1.1: It Takes a Village to Raise a Child  Kids Miracle Steps On-Air 1.1: It Takes a Village to Raise a Child 
“It takes a village to raise a child.” 

This quote is an African proverb relevant to parents with special needs children. Often, the responsibilities are challenging, especially if parents have to do it all alone. 

Raising a child is a challenging task that no one has ever really prepared for. Even with initial plans, there are surprising roadblocks along the way. 

For the first episode of Kids Miracle Steps On-Air, podcast digital marketing expert Jack Hakimian of Global Presence sits down with Day Espinal of Kids Miracle Steps to discuss the importance of the participation of parents, doctors, and therapists in child development. We also gave a sneak peek of how we work around parents of all sorts. 

Tune in and listen to Kids Miracle Steps On-Air to know more about shared responsibilities and clear communication. 

Why does it take a village to raise a child? 

“To care for a child, you need to care for the system, including their family,” as said by Day Espinal, the Operations Director of Kids Miracle Steps. 

Day shared a situation wherein a child is doing well in therapy, achieving milestones, and making progress. But the parents are still concerned about the child’s actions and reactions at home. This is where the African proverb comes into play. 

Some parents think that enrolling their children in therapies and educational programs is the only solution to fill the gaps. It is a common misconception that once a child undergoes specific programs, the outcome is often positive. 

Raising a child is not a one-person team. If parents fail to enforce and work together for their child at home, the child will not succeed. Parents, doctors, educators, and therapists need to collaborate and put their 100 percent to make everything work out. 

The importance of clear communication 

In line with the cooperation of people involved in the child’s progress, the whole Kids Miracle Steps organization also upholds the importance of clear communication. 

“We make it to a point to always communicate with the family,” Day said. 

Whether it is about updating how the child behaves at the center or the small wins they achieve, Kids Miracle Steps is keen on informing parents. Even if the parents are co-parenting, the pediatric daycare center emphasizes the importance of well-rounded communication. So moms and dads of special needs children at Kids Miracle Steps are given updates on the situation of their child. 

“If everyone’s not on board, the child’s not going to succeed,” Day added. 

About Kids Miracle Steps 

Kids Miracle Steps is a dedicated daycare center for children with special needs in Broward County. We offer medically sensitive, medically complex, and technologically dependent pediatric services for medically sensitive people (from birth to 21 years of age). We also provide physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory treatment as needed.

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